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Here are the top criteria for selecting a new poker website punters consider in the 2020th year

new poker website punters

Here’s how today’s online poker player selects a casino provider. Find out what the modern punter is really keen on when it comes to online platforms for gambling.

In the end of the 2019th year there were thousands of websites where playing online poker wasn’t just possible, but entertaining and profitable, too. Since the beginning of the new 2020th year about 100 new websites with poker game have been launched and are probably right now making their breakthrough in the market. We need to admit that things in the gambling industry happen fast, which is why these new websites might have already thousands of newly registered customers.

How do they do it? How does a young casino company succeed in attracting hundreds of new players just in a week? And how does an experienced and old (in many cases old-fashioned, too) gambling companies make it not to lose any ground, but on the contrary – keep their current leading positions? It’s all about the punters, guys. It’s all about you. The successful casino company, including a poker website, whether it’s a novice or leader in the sphere, considers what the targeted users want. And it gives it to them with no doubts.

This is what made us wonder what the top criteria for selecting a new poker website punters consider in the 2020th year are. Here’s the list of the factors that motivate today’s gamblers to give a particular online casino a try:

  1. I will no longer play poker in a website that reminds me of a scam. This is a line that you may hear from today’s punters, who understand what a license is and who are aware of the importance for a casino provider to be secured and safe.
  2. No matter what they say, a bonus is a bonus. You might have been repeated over and over again through the years and by the big poker pros that the promotions should not be the main factors to make you register in an Online Poker platform. And no matter how well you understand that this is true, you still feel tempted every time you find a new unknown bookie with a decent 150% first deposit poker bonus.
  3. I am everything else, but not a monogamy-oriented poker player. In short, punters today claim to be away from the old-fashioned gambling strategy to focus on a certain poker format. Right on the contrary, in the 2020th year players in online casinos prefer to switch the tables and within the day to try an Omaha game and then, to go back to the modern Texas Hold Em.
  4.  The customer takes it all. Ok, we don’t mean that today’s punters look for a poker website that somehow guarantees any player to win at least two poker tournaments per day. What the modern punter actually needs is being taken care of. It means the poker player wants to be 24/7 customer supported and to get as many options, features and tournament tickets as possible.

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