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What Do You Need To Know About Fixed Odds Betting In Football?

About Fixed Odds Betting In Football

Under football fixed betting odds, the player bets on the odds fixed by the bookmaker, but they can expand in a few cases.

Online betting has been around for many years, and betting rules have changed drastically too. It was first started in Great Britain when the fixed odds were placed in sports betting, and the players needed to place the wager on that particular odd provided by the bookmaker. When the fixed odds were expanded in a few cases, it included starting price bets too.

However, in the starting price bets, the odds are not set until the match begins. Football fixed odds betting also functions as traditional odds betting, but it is quite lucrative because of the championships and the teams. By using fixed odds betting in online football betting, the bookmakers and players both get an idea about the balanced books.  

Why do Players Think Fixed Odds Betting is Lucrative?

Football sports betting is lucrative and convenient, as there are fixed betting odds where the bookmaker offers a specific outcome on any of the matches or events. Here, the bettor needs to select the particular match or the football player on whom he wants to bet. If the specific team or player wins, then the bettor is paid the winning amount. However, if the particular team or the football player does not win in this type of betting, the punter will lose the stake.

Moreover, this type of betting has got a few attractions like the:

  • The profits and loss are fixed by the odds on which you bet.
  • Your return on winning the match is fixed because the bookmaker gets the bet back if you lose. The loss in the fixed odd bets can even rise, and bettors may lose more than what is offered.
  • A few bookmakers offer multiple betting options too.
  • The fixed odds betting can be expanded to the starting price. The odds here become fixed when the bookmaker accepts the wager from you.
  • You can also win an Arbitrage based on the profit on the difference between the different types of odds fixed by the bookmaker.
  • An Arbitrage betting can work to beat the bookie to be used as an extension to the traditional fixed odds betting system.

Fixed-odd betting on football is quite famous among bookmakers because they receive a lucrative amount if the punter loses. But, the bettors who make good predictions can combine it with spread betting and earn a good amount of returns. Even arbitrage is excellent where the bettors can earn the profits from the other two bets even if one loses one of the odds.


The punters look forward to improving their sports betting. Particularly, football betting can opt for fixed odds betting. They can start playing with a minimum amount and, with experience, can start making the maximum amount in the bet. So, if you are a beginner interested in getting into the world of sports betting, you can opt to play the fixed odds that provide enough entertainment.

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