Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Slot myths debunked

Slot myths

Here are all the common and popular slot online myths debunked. Find out more about the top misconceptions about slot machines in the internet nowadays and please, stop believing in them.

By all means, slots are some of the most loved and played casino games these days. And one of the most curious things about the slot machines is that no matter how easy and popular they are, there are still so many misconceptions going out there. Slot machines have been played for a long time, but, even though, a lot of people still believe in the following top slot machine myths:

  • The myth about the cold and hot slot machine. Hot means that the machine has been recently played and active. On the opposite – the cold slot is the machine that hasn’t be touched for a while. The myth says that the hottest slots provide the higher payouts. No such a thing. The payout is preliminary set by the casino.
  • The myth about the recent jackpot. Similarly, there’s a misconception about the jackpot distribution in the sphere of the slots. The myth says that if recently a jackpot was taken from a certain slot machine, there’s no chance for this slot to give a jackpot soon.
  • The myth about the slot luck. According to this belief, luck is the only factor for your win. In other words, there’s nothing so much to do if you want to increase your win or the chance for one. Actually, that’s not true. The selection of a slot machine with certain payout is a good idea. Plus – making a strategy depending on the RTP is also a nice alternative to have a certain playing style.
  • The myth about the day time and slot machines in ground casinos. They say that at certain periods within the day particular slots give prizes, while during the rest of the time there’s no way for you to win anything.
  • The myth about the coin you insert in the slot machine. There’s an absurd opinion about the temperature of the coin you insert in the ground slot and its influence on your win. Some players claim that if the coin is hotter you have more chances for a win.
  • The myth about rigged slot online experience. If someone tells you, slot online machines are great, trust him. But if this same guy claims that they are just for fun as wining cash is not possible, avoid this person. Probably, he knows nothing about betting and casino games in the internet.
  • The myth about the slot machines and video poker. There’s misconception about video poker games. Some people say that they have nothing to do with slots. Others, though, know that video poker games are actually very alike to slot machines, but they make them loom equal. There’s a difference between the slot and the VP game. The VP is with higher RTP.

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