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Online Poker Options

If you are not familiar with online poker or poker at all, there are probably a lot of different questions in your mind. You may be concerned about the reliability of money transfer in poker rooms or, for example, the amount of luck and / or skill in card games.

Modern Poker Options

Modern web poker is easy, safe and, above all, fun to play, which is why we want to dispel Finns’ prejudices about online poker.

  • We will answer all your poker questions to the best of our abilities, our goal is to promote Finnish online poker
  • In this area you can read poker-related questions and answers that deal with poker at the very grassroots level. We assume that the reader does not need to know anything about the game at this stage. It’s our job to tell you everything you need to know about poker, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to join the ever-growing pool of poker players.
  • Fast Fold Poker is known by many names: Zoom, Blaze, Rush, Quick Fold, Speed, Strobe and Fast Poker are all names for their own poker networks for virtually the same game type. Instant Poker is a fast-paced way to play online poker against random, changing players.

The point of instant poker is that you no longer have to wait at the poker table. As soon as the hand ends on your part, you are immediately transferred to a new table and a new hand.

That is, if you fold straight after you receive the cards, you will not have to wait for everyone else to do their job, but will get the new cards right away.

Instant Poker Strategy

Usually, in poker, the important skill of selecting a table fails (at least to the extent) in instant poker. Because players change quickly and data mining is impossible, analyzing players is almost impossible. And even if you get some idea of ​​a player’s tendencies, it is impossible to draw any conclusions about the current state of the player because you cannot follow players for several poker hands in a row.

Remember that even your opponents cannot follow your game and do not know if you are stimulating or god-fearing.

In a way, this “protects” casual players and poses new challenges for experienced hobbyists. For example, other “regs” can no longer be played. The tables will inevitably have more activity as the sit-out stops decrease.

The Reason

For the same reason, the benefits of using tracker software are reduced. While tracking software can be used (not available on all networks), it is just hard to get enough material to be useful.

In Instant Poker you can play really tight. When no one is able to watch your game many hands in a tube, you can anxiously wait for the monster hands to get cast.


Of course, a knowledgeable player takes advantage of this knowledge, knows how to loosen blinds very loosely, and understands that most people have a decent hand when it comes to playing. Remember that the big blind does not have the “fast fold” option, so you start playing looser and weaker than usual.

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