Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Gambling and Crime

Gambling has always been close in relation to crime in the movies like James Bond and games like Grand Theft Auto. You can always picture a mafia boss playing cards in a casino and making a business deal. Well, we don’t know if it’s really true. But earlier, when gambling was illegal, it was popular for money laundering and corruption business. When it became legal, the number of mob related activities decreased significantly. Such activities are now involved with an illegal gambling business. But there are other crimes related to legal gambling. Let’s learn about crimes related to Gambling.

  • Money Laundering:

 Casinos play a major role in the money laundering business. Casino Generated black money from the illegal business is later transferred to bank accounts in the form of White money. People use this technique to avoid tax. 

  • Illegal Drugs:

 Drugs have always been a part of gambling. Some people sell illegal substances in illegal casinos like unlawful alcohol and drugs to earn more profits. However, you won’t find them now in major casinos, but there is plenty of drugs involvement in the illegal gambling business.

  • Corruption:

 Earlier, when casinos were illegal, people use to corrupt the government official to run their illegal gambling business. Even now, you will find corruption in the sports betting business.

  • Mafia Business:

 Starting a casino requires a lot of money. Mafia Mobs helped in the construction of early casinos to run their business in the backrooms.

  • Loan Sharking:

 These people lend money with really high-interest rates to gamble when a person becomes broke and need money to play. However, once you fall into their trap, you can’t come out of it.

  • Theft:

 When a gambling addict falls into a debt trap, they will do anything to get money. They often become criminals and thieves. Also, in online gambling, the unlicensed sites will rob you of your money.

  • Cheating:

 Many people learn how casinos work. They understand the dynamics of gambling so well that they often cheat the casinos without anyone realizing it.

  • Match Fixing:

 Some people offer sports players the money to lose deliberately to win a high price sports bet. The outcome of the match is preplanned.

  • Hacking Slot Machines:

 Due to technological advancement, some people can now hack the slot machines using various software. 

  • Card Counting:

 Card Counting is a skill. Some people use this skill to win huge prizes in casinos. Although it is not illegal, it’s still counted as cheating.

Although gambling has become legal, the number of crimes associated with gambling is prevalent.

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