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The most popular sport disciplines for gambling

sport disciplines for gambling

Check out the most popular sport types in bandar bola terpercaya. Find out what punters mostly love to place bets on.

The most trustworthy and highly rated bookmakers and mixed bandar bola terpercaya websites with casino games usually attract customers with large sport program. Apart from adding as many events as possible (including live matches), they also tend to provide a big variety of sport types. It’s because some punters tend to prefer more exotic sport disciplines. But the truth is that there’s a standard list with 10 specific sport types that have been always the most popular and played ones. And within the years, this list has almost never changed.

Do you want to see it? Well, here it is. This is the list with the most popular sport disciplines for gambling of all times and in all markets on the globe:

  1. Football. Who would even suggest that soccer isn’t on the list? By the way, it’s not just a regular unit in the chart for the most popular disciplines for betting. It’s been always the leader.
  2. Tennis. Being the most paid and expensive sport type in the world, punters believe that it’s also the most profitable market for betting. We don’t know. Is it so? You are the one, who should admit or deny it.
  3. Cricket. Although not so popular for watching and practicing, cricket has been always super interesting for sport punters. According to an old study from the end of the previous century sport betting players admit they haven’t tried or watched cricket before starting gambling on it.
  4. Basketball. The online betting researchers claim that basketball has been made a huge progress within the last couple of years and it’s the next pretender for the top preferred gambling discipline. Ok, basketball is cool, but can it really leave soccer behind?
  5. Horseracing. It’s the oldest sport type for gambling, no doubts. The bets on sport originated with horses and their races. By the way, did you know that today’s football term of derby has actually come from horseracing?
  6. Volleyball. They say volleyball betting has been increasing its popularity mostly during the Olympics. It’s because the Olympics kind of recover the audience’s love to this discipline.
  7. Hockey. Any type of a hockey. Ice hockey, you might be shocked to know, is more popular in Asia and some hot countries, while hockey on the field is very preferred for betting by European punters.
  8. Baseball. The top gambling month during the whole year – February – is determined by this sport disciplines. Indeed, February is the most gambling active month and it’s because of the start of Super Bowl championship in American baseball.
  9. Swimming. Some people claim that swimming has no place in betting houses’ sport programs, but on the other side, the bookies respond that way: “Swimming is a very challenging discipline, but meanwhile it opens huge opportunities for gambling and the good pros in betting understand that”. There’s some secret we don’t get, do you?
  10. Golf. Golf is not a typical game for traditional bandar bola terpercaya websites, but instead it’s very widely spread across UK bookmakers. Hence, if considering that Asian and American companies follow the European trends, soon there might be great online golf bets all around the world.

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